News Access

N E W S   A C C E S S

IMG Replay now offers news agencies and individual broadcasters professional News Access clearance to some of the world’s greatest sporting events (View Partners).

Recognising the fast-paced and dynamic nature of sports news, IMG Replay supply our customers with high quality short form content. We focus on providing a unique and unrivalled blend of premium sports highlights and sports video news for both broadcast and digital media platforms.

To help tell the story, IMG Replay provides the following services;

+  L I C E N S I N G

License behind the scenes content including interviews, press conferences, training footage and more during the News Access window*

+  L I V E  F E E D S

Access to live feeds to ensure fast + reliable delivery of content worldwide for up to date news programming

+  A C C E S S

On-site camera crew accreditation, media accreditation and camera crew available for hire at events around the world

News Access rights vary from the first 24 hours after a live sporting event, potentially up to 72 hours. Each rights holder varies and rules may also vary in each territory/region too. After each News Access window has expired, IMG Replay can also license "archive rights”. For a complete list of our partners, visit Partner Content.

For all enquiries, please submit the request form or call +44 (0)20 8233 6510 to chat with one of our London experts today.


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